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Live Like a Bear: Planner for Meals, Vacations, Self-Care Diary, and Journal Entries

Tired of living like a human? Maybe it's time for you to Live Like a Bear!

Get it together with this bear themed planner.

Live Like a Bear is a straightforward planner to help you eat better, take time for yourself, and gather up your thoughts. Weekly meal planning, vacation goals, self-care diary pages, and a section to journal will help you be the best bear you can be! 

Great gift for the grizzly bear in your life or you, if you are the bear. This planner is available from Amazon.

On the inside of this large 8.5 by 11 inch, 150 page planner, your bear can keep track of meals to make sure not a one gets missed: 

Plan some time away from beary stressful things in life by taking a vacation. These pages will ensure that all the bear basics are covered:

Make sure to love the bear within with these self-care tracking pages. A bear needs bear hugs and that means some time all to him or herself.

Write down all his or her deep, dark, beary thoughts and secrets. Journal pages are great for pondering meals, vacations, and sleep, or the ideas for a new and improved hibernation cave. 

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